Christian visually presents the broad product diversity of today’s leading brands with a subtle sense of contemporary composition. He has a passion for artistically highlighting the brand’s intrinsic identity, whether in some new innovative way or in the classic sense. The big-name customers of his Düsseldorf studio benefit from his extensive experience and the contemporary spirit which he invests in every single production: from the initial briefing to the final print copy.

A structured approach to every task and a visionary character; that’s the most apt way to describe Christian. Focused and expert in the use of digital technology, he achieves his results systematically, by envisioning both his own and the customer’s ideas to create visual solutions that embody the innate qualities of the product. Perfect realization, stunning clarity, refined outcome: Christian produces breathtaking results in all his projects, whether it’s product stills or an elaborate interior shooting.

From the very start of his career, Christian has been a highly sought after photographer for product and fashion stills. Yet even when he ventures outside of his familiar terrain, his unerring approach, his technical professionalism and unbiased perspective allow him to create powerful images. Depending on the task at hand, his team can include stylists, set designers and retouch artists. He creates visual worlds that emotionally charge the product in an innovative way and presenting it in the refined light it deserves.